Cactus Digitale Magazine

Founded in 2015 as Fashion magazine, Cactus now represents the most stimulating experience of creative culture. With a focus on publishing, art direction and imagery at large, Cactus acts as multi-direction creative studio with a distinctive curatorial approach.


Cactus’ archive: everything you missed from previous issues

Objects in space Cactus Fall Winter 19

Chapter #09 Objects in space

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Stylizations Of The Self Cactus Spring Summer 19

Chapter #08 Stylizations Of The Self

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Clues and Rituals Cactus Fall Winter 18

Chapter #07 Clues and Rituals

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Cactus Spring Summer 18

Chapter #06 Habitat Extraneousness

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Cactus Fall Winter 17

Chapter #05 Sex Appeal Of The Inorganic

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Cactus Fall Winter 16

Chapter #03 Photographic Anthropology

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