Cactus has collaborated with Habitacion Numero for a pop-installation and performance that celebrates the preview of the next Cactus’ release. The installation IRL consists of a short film produced by ENT.TV that revolves around transition, liminal space and digital interrelation. It investigates the passage of our biological body and thoughts into digital status. Liminal spatiality is a space between space, a place which is a transition between two other locations, or states of being. In their first steps, the human being had to free itself with primitive movements, till they began to be converted into a grid and found themself into a http:/ cage. From there, no more real space exists and a virtual reality comes up. As an unknown status, questions are coming up and answers are taken by an A.I. system.
Drawing from the digital liminal aesthetics of this piece, the space was activated by Madrid based multidisciplinary artist Adina L. Velazquez with the performance “Never ending simulation: IRL”, where she became a glitch version of herself. Repetition and circularity are the core of our encounter with digital reality. Glitches that reveal movements and actions that are in a constant state of repetitive monotony.